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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Practical Chinese Qigong for Home Health Care

Many people are gradually beginning to recognize Qigong as a unique way to stay in good health, drive away diseases and maintain longevity. When people are afflicted with diseases, and acupuncture and medicines fail to provide ideal treatment results, they often turn to Qigong therapies for help. The book, Practical Chinese Qigong for Home Health Care, with 130 illustrations, is compiled specifically for this purpose. It introduces 13 kinds of practical home health care Qigong and Qigong therapies for 68 common and/or unusual diseases. Also provided are examples of typical cases. In addition, this book provides information on Qigong massage for natural beauty. As the title suggests, it is a practical book on the use of Qigong for health care practised at home.

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