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Friday, October 24, 2008

MCSE 2003 Books - All 2nd Edition

MCSE 2003 Books - All 2nd Edition | 128.6 MB
2nd edition | PDF | Microsoft Press | 4000 pages

This was my sole study guide for the MCSE Server 2003 based certification path, and I was not disappointed. The format is clear and easy to read. The books do a fantastic job of outlining WHY you are learning something, not just WHAT you need to know to pass the exam. I think this is what sets MS Press books apart from the competition: the book itself is structured to the best LEARNING format, and NOT to just passing the exam. I came away from these books with a much greater appreciation for Microsoft’s Server and AD technologies (I come from a Linux background since 1995 and I’m the first to knock MS), and these books will be on your reference shelf for years to come — or at least until the next version of Server ships.

It took me since August, 2005 until August, 2006 to obtain my MCSE. These books are BIG. You’ll find yourself re-reading chapters multiple times. First to get the content, then to do the practice questions and end of lesson/end of chapter questions, then finally to review the end of lesson/end of chapter summaries right before writing the exam. But don’t be discouraged. The knowledge that these books impart will allow you to THINK through the exam questions, rather than just basing it on memorization techiques.

If you’re going to do your MCSE and really want to LEARN, then get these texts. If you just want to pass the exams and never work on Servers, then look elsewhere.

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