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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Successful Job Interviews for ESL

Successful Interviews is an ESL study guide to the language and skills you need to present yoursef successfully in English in job interviews. This e-Book is free for all Premium Members and can be purchased by non-members for €14.99.

# Successful Job Interviews for ESL e-Book features MP3 audio, PDF and online lessons on the following essentials English skills for job interviews in English: Key Points to Consider for Job Interviews
# Getting Started & Small Talk
# Talking about your Previous Experience
# Vivid Language for Describing your Abilities
# Describing your Greatest Accomplishments
# Discussing your Weaknesses
# Handling Tough Questions
# Asking the Interviewer Questions
# Second Round Interviews
# Comparing Candidates Abilities and Skills
# Negotiating your Salary

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